Are Your Sandpictures Only Available In Plastic Frames?

That answer would be YES. Because we are a souvenir and gift manufacturer putting our sandpictures in wood or metal frames would be cost prohibitive. Although we realize the cosmetic beauty that wood and metal offer, let us assure you that the mold we own that produces the high density plastic frames we use are top quality and they are available in many colors. Underneath the base of our frames you will see embedded in the plastic mold “Made In USA”.

Sometimes Not All The Sand Falls - Something Wrong With My Sandpicture?

There is nothing wrong with your sandpicture if this happens. Sandpictures like to be played with often and there is no guarantee that every granule of sand will fall each and every time. Sandpictures are affected by barometric pressure, humidity, air and water levels inside the sandpicture and usage conditions. Each and every time you turn or flip your sandpicture, the sand not only creates a different scene, but it also falls at different rates of speed. A secret behind our sandpictures is that they can almost always be fixed.

Can Your Products Be Purchased On-Line?

Our Products can be purchased online

at eCrater.com -  http://playwiffme.ecrater.com 

- and -

 at eBid.net  - http://us.ebid.net/perl/normal.cgi?user=330179&mo=their-all-about




When the sand will not fall the picture has too much air.

To correct this condition, remove the sandpicture from the legs and base unit. So that you can easily see what you are doing, we suggest you separate the sandpicture frame by gently prying apart the two sections. Start at one of the leg hole openings and using a utility knife gently pry the unit apart until you have separated the six locking tabs.

Turn and angle the glass sandpicture unit so that the air pocket is positioned in one of the angled corners. Using a syringe (best using a 3cc syringe with a 1", 22 gauge needle) filled with distilled water, insert the needle through the sealant between the two pieces of glass (stay in the air pocket area) and inject a small amount of distilled water - stop - now before removing the needle, pull the syringe plunger back to the same starting position to remove air. You can stop doing this when your air pocket is about the size of a quarter.

If the sand is going too fast do the opposite of that described above. You need to add air and remove water. Start will a syringe filled with air, inject a small amount of air into the WATER area and pull the syringe plunger back to the same starting position to remove water.

Tips Of The Day

Our Sandpictures like to be played with. Hence our motto - “Turn Me Over It Turns Me On.” If you haven’t played with yours in awhile, gently shake it to wake it up!

The SLOWER the sand falls, the prettier the picture!


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